Volunteer Program

We believe every child with Muscular Dystrophy deserves a chance for a normal life. Since it takes a village to fight this rare disease, join us to find a cure (or at the least, slow down the progression of the disease) for rare cases of Muscular Dystrophy.

We are a parent-created organization working relentlessly and aggressively to the impossible possible. Your volunteer help and contribution to our mission empower us to maintain momentum and reach important milestones in fighting this horrible disease. Apply to become a volunteer here.

We are seeking volunteers in the following areas:

  • Treasurer - (Urgent need) To handle our finances - this will convert into a fulltime paid position as we continue raising funds 
  • Advocacy  - Raising awareness
  • Advocacy - Raising funds
  • Graphic Design for Social Media and other web contents
  • Content writing for blogposts, our website and our events
  • Social Media - YouTube channel creation and maintenance
  • Social Media - Podcast management
  • Social Media - Instagram, Facebook content creation and management
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Any other area you would like to contribute is welcomed with open arms!

Once you join our volunteer programs, you'll join a small team of compassionate and dedicated individuals that share one common goal; to make the impossible possible.

Many children within the Muscular Dystrophy community have a deletion in their genetic map that falls in the gray area of Muscular Dystrophy disease. Since all the current research is done for standard Duchenne patients, this group of children will face their horrible faith without a fight.

We are here to change that reality. Please join us, we promise, we'll make it fun along the way as we move to change the lives of our loving children with Muscular Dystrophy!


Support our Cause!

Your donations will enable us to fund scientists to perform independent studies and pre-clinical trials for children with Muscular Dystrophy!

Once donation is made, you will receive an email containing a receipt that can be presented to IRS for tax deduction purposes.   

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