Project "Gray Area"

What makes Muscular Dystrophy a challenging disease is the uniqueness of mutations that occur in patients. Such mutations present themselves in the form of deletion, duplication or combination of both that cause muscles to waste progressively. The progression of muscles being wasted also greatly differ in each case. Patients have different deletions or duplications, and as a result, not all potential new therapies or cures can be applied to all Muscular Dystrophy patients.

The "Gray Area" refers to deletions and duplications that do not fall within the current deletions and duplications in which majority of clinical trials are done for. 

As of right now, the majority of research and clinical trials are focused on the most common genetic deletions within the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients. As a result, Muscular Dystrophy patients that do not fall within those current categories of genetic deletions in which research and clinical trials are done for, will be left to meet their horrible fate in the future.

We are here to change that reality, and provide a chance to parents with children that fall within the mentioned "gray areas" to start their own independent research and pre-clinical trials.

In other words, if your child is not able to enter any of the current trials available due to a unique genetic deletion or duplication, Hope for Luka will provide a chance to start your own independent research by being the hub between you and researchers, and we will continue raising capital to fund your independent research for your child.


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